country guitar lessons

Take 30 Days To Learn This Course And Open The Door To A Million Or More Classic Country Hits On Guitar!

This course will show you how to play authentic country guitar to a professional standard, just like the songs you've heard on a million or more timeless country hit records.

Every technique required to play this very special style of guitar has been thoroughly researched and painstakingly broken down into bite-size pieces, making it easy to learn and master.

By the end of the course you'll have developed a true country sound and have everything you need to start learning all the country tunes you've ever dreamed of playing.

Here's What You Get

32 video lessons - I'll take you through it all step-by-step and completely de-construct this classic style of country guitar in a way which is easy to follow and copy.

57 page course book - Everything you see me playing in the video lessons is also tabbed out for you in the course book. It's all note-for-note accurate.

Backing Tracks - These are the same tracks I personally used to master this style of guitar in rapid time. They'll help you to 'gel' everything together and increase your rate of improvement..

Special Bonus Supplement - See below for more details (limited to the first 200 buyers only)

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Here's just some of what you'll learn inside...

My Favorite Country Strums & Rhythms

Essential Country Guitar Chords

The Best Sounding Bass Runs & Lead Fills

The Only 5 Country Keys You'll Ever Need

Adding Polish & A Finishing Touch!

The more variety you can inject into your chords, strumming, fill lines and bass runs the better your playing will sound. That's why I've also added in...

A Very Special Bonus Included For FREE

As a special reward to the first 200 buyers only I'm going to include my very own personal practice routines and exercises. These are the 'secret weapons' I used to get good back when I was first learning this style of guitar myself.

I've never released them before, and probably won't again.

You're Fully Protected By My 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee...

guarantee...meaning sign up now and just "try out" my Country Guitar course for 30 days without risking a dime.

During that time, for any reason - or even no reason at all - if you want your money back... you got it. Just let our support team know and you'll be taken care of.

I can be so bold and loose with my refund policy because I'm sure you'll be more than delighted with the massive value you're going to get for the small, one time investment you're making today.

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P.S. If you COMMIT to this system, I can BET you're going to see results FASTER than with most other guitar courses out there.

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P.P.S. Your investment is 100% safe - if within 30 days of your purchase you decide that you do NOT want this course... just contact my 24/7 support and we'll refund you ASAP. It's that simple and you're not risking a single penny!

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